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3 Months Free Unlimited Internet on Vodafone

Vodafone's New Data Test Drive is allowing new subscribers to use as much data as they need for three months, free of charge, from point of connection.  This new venture is designed to help customers know what data package they will need going forward.

Most of us don't require unlimited data, just some data to make the most of our smartphone.  To aid with understanding how much data each of us require Vodafone are offering an on-line calculator to track data usage which provide updates during and at the end of the 3 months.  To assist with this customers can use the My Vodafone App available on the Android Marketplace or alternatively dial 44555 from the handset which will then send a text message back showing the usage.

In addition to providing usage information, Vodafone will also recommend apps and content so that you can use your smartphone to it's potential during this free trial.

At the end of the 3 Months, Vodafone will send a text message to the user summarising the usage.  For  most people Vodafone feel that the allowance on their chosen plan would be enough - in fact perhaps up to 90% of people.  However for those heavy users who exceed their allowance a recommendation will be provided and users will have 3 days in which to reply and take advantage of that tariff.

To view our top tariffs and potentially take advantage of the 3 Months Free Unlimited Data please click here 



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