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Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich is here!

After months of anticipation, Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich has been officially revealed in HongKong by Google.  Below we have highlighted the key changes which you will notice when using the new platform.

By far the most exciting part of the launch was Android’s new Face Unlock.  Using Android’s facial recognition software, a person can use their face to unlock their device instead of using traditional pin codes or the more recently developed pattern unlocks.  Face Unlock uses the front facing camera to recognize your face and unlock your device.

Also new with the development for Ice Cream Sandwich is Device Encryption.  This will allow users to have the ability to fully encrypt their phone's data. This featured with Honeycomb Tablets however this will now be brought to mobile handsets. For business users this is a great improvement.

Android 4.0 will also host Google’s new font called Roboto. This new font is used throughout the operating system and gives Android a much cleaner look.

Live Speech to Text will allow you to dictate a message and as you begin to speak, your handset will begin to type.

A re-designed lock screen will enable ICS users to pull down a notification bar whilst their device is locked to have a sneek preview to what is waiting for them to deal with in terms of text messages, emails and facebook messages.

Other useful additions to Android 4.0 are resizable widgets, the new Data Usage Monitor – which will track all applications on your device which consume data - and an improvement to NFC which will allow users to share content simply by holding two devices together.

In an important statement to Android Gingerbread users, Gabe Cohen of Google confirmed that most Gingerbread products would receive the upgrade to IceCream Sandwich although there was no timeframe mentioned and therefore this could take some time.



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