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Apple v Android

The latest comparison between Apple and Android has been conducted based on the Data Usage of  more than 100,000 Smartphone Users.

Mashable have revealed that figures put together by Data Management Startup, Onavo, reveal some interesting differences between the two Operating Systems.

Facebook offered the biggest split in figures.  Of those used in the research, 90% of Apple Users are using Facebook on their device whilst a relatively light 63% use this on Android.  The Apple users are also using on average 45.8MB of data on Facebook with Android users having an average of 19MB.  These figures are per month.

On Apple Facebook consists of 10% of ALL Data whilst this is again lower on Android with just 5% of data being used via this application.

In comparison, Twitter has higher usage on Android and also as you would expect so does Google!

Read the full report by clicking here



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