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AndyPad Android Tablet - The Perfect Tablet Gift?


Digital Phone Company are pleased to announce the fantatsic New AndyPad Android Tablet!  The Budget Device has received great reveiws and is sure to be a must have present for children and teenagers this year.

Robust and versatile, the Andy Pad is designed as the perfect child-friendly tablet. Its lightweight properties make it easy to transport; allowing entertainment and communication on the go.

The Andy Pad uses resistive Resitouch. Resitouch screens are better for those looking to use a pointing implement such as a pen, or through gloves. They are also highly durable and perfect for kiddies.  The screen is 7" in size so great for reading E-Books and playing games.  Full brightness controls allows you to lower the glare from the screen or turn it up for reading in the dark.

The Andy Pad is powered by an impressive Cortex A8 1.2 processor with 512 RAM and a dynamic 3D capable GPU. The numbers might not mean much, but you’ll certainly see the benefits when you’re playing the latest games, streaming high quality video or browsing the internet without dropping a frame

The Andy Pad supports the world of Adobe Flash, allowing you to fully experience of the world wide web. Whether it’s playing Flash games or streaming Flash video the Andy Pad is dedicated to providing the internet the way it was meant to be viewed.

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