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Discover a Great New App

New App ‘Discover’ allows Android users to use their smartphone camera to capture images and compare the sample with the app developers database.

Discover requires "digital watermarks" to identify images and video. These work much like the watermarking used on currency or official documents, by inserting a transparent image on top of another image. The difference is that digital watermarking is specifically designed to be recorded and decoded by software.

Digimarc offers an online service that advertisers and companies can use to purchase and place watermarks in their ads and images. Then, when a user scans one of those images with a watermark, the Discover app searches through Digimarc's database. Once the app has identified an item through the database, it searches online and brings up related information on the user's phone.

The developer, Digimarc, is based in Beaverton, Oregon.

Discover is a FREE app available on the Android Marketplace and also iOS.  Read more about this by clicking here



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