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Facebook Increase Status Length Further

Everyone knows that you can squeeze a lot more into a Facebook Status Update than you can on Twitter however did you know that the Facebook Status Bar can now contain up to 63,206 characters?

In comparison Twitter offers just 140 characters which means many links have to be shortened and words abbreviated.  There has been no announcement as to why Facebook have increased the number of characters allowed however it is very welcoming.  This increase comes on top of an earlier increase back in March where the status limit was increased from 500 to 5000 characters - this latest change is a huge increase.  Of course originally the length was restricted to just 160 characters!

Google+ still has the upper hand as users can have up to 100,000 characters.

63,206 is a large number and to put it into context is more than the number of characters that we have used across our 361 Tweets on Twitter!



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