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Great App - HEYTELL

Want fun with a different Android App?  Try ‘HeyTell’.  Rather than sending a dull text message why not use HeyTell and send an instant Voice Message instead!  In the Mobile Industry this is called 'Push To Talk'.

Whether many people will find a real benefit in doing this or whether, like me, it seems to be a novelty way of communicating, remains unclear however it certainly worked well when we tested it.

Using the app first time asked me to send an invite to the person in my contacts.  Once received and accepted we were able to send voice messages clearly and easily.  This uses a very small amount of data rather than charging you for a call or text message.

A large Orange button with the words ‘HOLD and SPEAK’ make it simple enough for most people to quickly grab the concept and upon further playing around you can purchase a different speaker for your voice at a not unreasonable £1.21 called ‘Voice Changer’. 

This app will clearly be beneficial in some situations….if you come up with any examples please let us know, so for now just enjoy the app!  To review in more detail or to install the app click here



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