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Mobile Phone Review 2011


The Mobile Industry in 2011 will be remembered for many things.  “Dual Core” and “Cloud” became the buzzwords of the industry, a plethora of Tablets hit the UK Shores to challenge the IPad2 whilst the Anticipated Arrival of the New I-Phone 5 was quickly followed by disappointed people who heard the arrival of the 4S instead. 

We had the start of the Patent Wars which seems set to continue into 2012 and the arrival of new players set to shine such as Huawei and ZTE.  Networks have merged, some manufacturers put all their eggs in the basket belonging to the Green Robot and against a difficult economic outlook the world of Mobile Phones and Technology continues to offers something vibrant. 

Social Media exploded in 2011 with 103 Million Tweets posted EVERY DAY on the back of huge growth in Smartphone sales.  8 TRILLION Texts have been sent this year and here we take a look at the highlights of 2011.

Early 2011 saw Apple release the IPad 2.  This was a thinner tablet than it’s predecessor and as all Apple products seem to do, sold in the tens of millions.  This was followed by many Tablets including the Blackberry Playbook which was less successful.

At the other end of the spectrum, we seemed to go Back To The Future, as Motorola revealed the Motorola Gleam.  Essentially this mobile device was the same as the original Motorola Razor Flip phones with large buttons with a few add on illuminating bulbs!  However the handset has gone from strength to strength with it now being available in Red and White.

In June Google+ arrived however months on, many people who subscribed are still confused as to what it is.  There have been something like 62 million subscribers already so it should not be under estimated.  The perception by many is that Google+ has ‘Circles’ which separate your groups of people.  Clearly this will have advantages as more and more people try and keep their social and work lives separate from the watching world so will 2012 be the year it explodes in the UK and we wave goodbye to Facebook?

August witnessed probably the biggest acquisition of the year as Google purchased Motorola for $12.5b.  Buying Motorola will potentially give Google the patents it needs to vigorously defend Android in courts and it said as much at the time.

In September we teamed up with ZTE to launch their 3 handsets.  China’s largest listed telecom equipment company gave us the ZTE SkateZTE Tureis and ZTE Libra with some very competitive pricing.  Also in September a big question arose – was the New Samsung Galaxy Note a Mobile Phone or a Tablet?  The debate continues.

Also in September HTC unveiled their collaboration with Dr Dre with the launch of their XE Beats device which was swiftly followed by the XL Beats.

In October the Industry and The World was in shock as Steve Jobs of Apple passed away.  Bill Gates commented "The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come.  For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it's been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely."

The month will also be remembered for the messaging and browsing delays which developed into a complete outage for many Blackberry lasting for several days. Not a great year for RIM.

We also experienced the much anticipated arrival of IceCream Sandwich – Googles Android 4.0 Update and along with it the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  With it came some cool additional features such as Face Unlock and Speech to Text, click here for our New’s Story from the 19th October.  Another great handset however it was the Samsung Galaxy S2 which took Mobile of the Year Award whilst the Sony Ericsson Arc S was voted to have the best camera.

In November as Christmas approached, the Tablets continued to arrive.  Motorola brought out their XOOM 2 And Media Edition at the High End whilst at the lower end of the chain we saw the first Android Pad priced close to the £100 mark in the form of an AndyPad!

According to Google, 2011 was the year that people finally started to take mobile seriously and last week they published their own look back on 2011 please click here to read in full.  So, finally,  in 2012 as New Players enter the fray, the big questions are, Will Android remain the market leader and which manufacturers will emerge successful ?



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