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Motorola Smart Actions

The new Motorola Smart Actions App allows the user to take full advantage of their smartphone. Whether you want to maximise your phone's last ounce of power or simply see your music app as soon as you plug in your headphones, Smart Actions can help. This unique application on the latest Motorola phones can take over and alter settings based on what's important to you.

Battery Performance:  Get more out of your battery with the low battery saver action. This Smart Action will pay attention to how much charge your battery has and change settings to conserve what's left. At 40% power, it can dim the display; at 30%, it can slow down data usage. You pick the points and you choose the changes.

Customise:  Like your display turned down and your ringer turned up when you get home? Smart Actions will remember that and do it for you. Maybe you like to see your productivity app the minute you get to work.  Smart Actions can help there too.

WIFI Settings:  When certain Wi-Fi connections are recognized, Smart Actions can make changes based on that location. Arriving at your office could prompt putting your ringer on silent and pulling up that productivity app that really gets things done. With Smart Actions, you can set it, forget it and get on with your day.

Motorola's strapline for this feature is "It's your life, let Smart Actions optimise your phone around it".



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