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No Fix Yet for Blackberry Users

Tuesday has been a day of continued frustration for Blackberry users in the UK, and now it seems to be affecting users across Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

RIM, who manufacturer the Blackberry devices, had earlier advised that it had resolved the problem however they have since acknowledged that some users in other continents were  “experiencing messaging and browsing delays.”

After managing to get operations back online yesterday, today has seen more of the same issues which leaves many Blackberry users without key communication tools.  RIM have been accused by some of not giving out information regarding the route of the problem and RIM themselves have not yet stated whether the delays were a continuation of the problems that affected users on Monday, or something different.

This outage has meant that customers have experienced large delays when using email, people being unable to use BBM and millions have been unable to use their device for internet browsing through BES and BIS servers.



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