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Smartphone Users Risk Personal Data Loss

On-line fraud expert, GARLIK, have reported that up to 40% of handsets lost or stolen do not have sufficient protection on them to prevent the users personal data from being stolen.

A large 14% of Smartphone users appear to save their BANK DETAILS on their handset whilst more alarmingly CREDIT CARD numbers and PIN Numbers are also often saved to an unprotected device.

The advice for smartphone users offered by garlic is as follows:

  • Always use the lock features of your mobile device whether a PIN, screen gesture or password.
  • Don't save documents or notes on your device that contain the passwords/PINs for cards or online accounts with stores or banks
  • Once you know a device has been stolen, acting fast is essential. The quicker you change passwords to accounts the better.
  • Learn how to clear the cache on your mobile device and do this periodically. Some can easily be set to do this automatically at set intervals

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