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Vodafone Sure Signal

Although Vodafone offers fantastic coverage across the UK, there are of course areas of the county which will receive a poor reception or possibly nothing at all.  This may be due to landscape or even building material, however there is no need to be left without service in a building anymore.  Vodafone Sure Signal connects to your Home or Office Fixed Broadband to offer a perfect indoor mobile experience.

Simply connect the device to a fixed broadband with a minimum speed of 1MB.  This installs easily and you can register up to 32 Mobile Numbers ideal for small businesses and for families, everyone can be included!

After you've installed Sure Signal, up to four people can use it at once however you need to ensure that the handsets connected are on the Vodafone Network, have 3G capabilities and have 3G activated in the handset settings.

Another great advantage of using Vodafone Sure Signal is that improved signal strength on your handset will improve it's battery performance.

Do we rate this product?  Yes we do.  We have 2 Retail locations with very poor mobile phone signal and both sites now use this device and offer our staff a full mobile phone signal.  We have had no problems in installing or using them.

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