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0800 Numbers should be Free on Mobiles - Ofcom


Calling an 0800 Number from a mobile phone at a chargable rate may soon be a thing on the past - if Ofcom get their way.  This is one of several proposals offered to help simplify call charges.

Currently you can call an 0800 number free from a landline however this can cost up to 21 pence per minute from a mobile.

Part of the proposal would see a revenue share between the phone company and the company receiving a call.  The proposal continues by making sure the customer making the call is aware of how much of the money is a charge by the network and how much is charged by the company being called.

In addition to looking into the freephone call rates, Ofcom also intend to sort out any confusion surrounding the costs of calling an 0845 and 0870 numbers.

Currently on the Vodafone Network, Pay Monthly customers have the option of paying an additional £5 per month to include calls to 0800 numbers.



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