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4G Auction Bidders Announced


It has been announced today that Vodafone are one of seven organisations who have qualified for the bidding stage of the 4G Auction due to commence in January.

Cities and Towns across the UK will benefit from superfast Broadband speeds with the roll-out of 4G networks.  There is a growing demand for improved data speeds as consumers in the UK are using more data than ever before, in fact it was only this week that it was reported that the UK has now overtaken Japan as the Highest Users of Mobile Data in the world.

Ed Richards, the Ofcom Chief Executive, said: "The 4G auction will be a competitive process that will dictate the shape of the UK Mobile Phone market for the next decade and beyond.  New 4G services will stimulate investment, growth and innovation in the UK and deliver significant benefits to consumers in terms of better, faster and more reliable mobile broadband connections.

The list of organisations who have qualified to bid in the 4G auctions are as follows:

Users of 4G services can expect to see an increase of up to 7 times of those using existing 3G networks.

Ofcom have also introduced a 4G Consumer Page providing details of the auction.



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