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Android 4.1 set to be named Jelly Bean


The latest addition to the Google lawn is a spillage of Jelly Beans and this is as clear an indication that you could wish for as to the name of Android 4.1.  The Google Lawn at their HQ is already home to a giant Gingerbread Man, an Eclair and IceCream which are of course predecessors in the history of Android.

We are now expecting official confirmation of JellyBean and as soon as that has happened rumours will surface as to the NEXT version which traditionally starts with the following letter of the alphabet and are dessert inspired names.  With the letter 'K' next up, many forums are touting the codename 'Key Lime Pie'

So what will Android 4.1 Jelly Bean offer? As soon as Google make the announcement we will add everything you will need to know, right here.



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