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Android will remain King!


Google's Operating System, Android, will remain King over the next 5 years taking us to 2017, according to research by Ovum.

In this period, Smartphones will grow by 24.9% and in 2017 there will be 1.7 billion smartphone owners.  The company stating these figures believe that the growth will predominantly come from emerging markets whilst Western Europe and North America will see their market saturated with smartphones.

The study suggests that Android will move from 44% market share, which it claimed in 2011, to 48% in 2017 - not as much growth in market share as some may predict however, still by far the biggest player with Apple estimated in the same report to own 27% of this market showing a similar 4% increase.

Ovum's principal analyst said: 'Android will dominate the smartphone market over the next five years. While Apple has defined the smartphone  market since it introduced the iPhone in 2007, we’re now seeing a sharp rise in the shipment volumes of Android, signaling its appeal to leading handset manufacturers.'

The research also claimed that Windows Operating System will account for 13% of smartphones at the same time whilst RIM will hold 10% of the market.

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