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App Review - 'Postcards'


At Digital Phone Company we believe the best way to give feedback is by gathering it from actual users of a device or application.  Our next
review is for an Android App called 'Postcards'.  This has been reviewed by one of our own staff....

The PostCard App can be found on the Android Marketplace and is developed by Touchnote (this is what will appear in your handset menu), it is an app that I simply came across whilst browsing through the Market.  The idea was very appealing to me in that no longer did I have to browse the comedy postcards on holiday and purchase a stamp.

Once downloaded the app appears very straight forward indeed with a bold message in the centre of the screen which reads "make a postcard".  Like most I was drawn to do exactly that and immediately you are given 3 options - Take a Photo, Gallery or Facebook.  This means you can create your postcard using pretty much any image you like.


By selecting 'Take Photo' your camera application instantly opens and you can take the photo as you wish.  Once captured you are given the choice to Retake, Use or Cancel.  Once happy with your perfect image you enter the address you wish the postcard to be sent to, preview and send.  At this point as a new user you can use a Free Credit and then each postcard costs £1.49 although there are savings of up to 33% by buying them in bulk.

My 1st attempt at creating the postcard went very well, although when registering as a user there were some issues.  When I was required to enter my Country all the options were blank.  After touching each blank line (which clearly represented a Country as when you touched the line it briefly displayed the country and vanished) it appeared that United Kingdom was the 15th line from the bottom so double click that line should you have the same problem.  (This may of course be a handset or Android problem)

I received an email with confirmation that my postcard, addressed to myself, would be delivered within 2-5 days.  On arrival the postcard was of better quality than I had imagined.  The photo had been set within a nice trim, white border and was very glossy which helped to protect it in the post.  On the reverse it was laid out just like a traditional postcard - the Left Hand Side displayed the message which I had included in a nice clear font whilst on the Right Hand Side the address and 1st Class Postage was shown.

As an additional extra, due to taking the photo whilst GPS was activated on my handset, in the bottom right hand corner it displayed a map of where the postcard was sent from, stating the date of the photo and also the name of the device it was sent from.  All great little extra's. 

I would very strongly recommend this app.  If you are keen to try out this app for yourself then please click here



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