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App Review - Shake To Charge


If this app really does work then surely people across the country would be shaking their phone, right?  An app that allows you to charge your battery by SHAKING your mobile device has been delivered to us by Life Mobile.

The application is described as 'Shake your phone and charge your battery.  Use your motion power (kinetic energy) to charge your battery and never need a battery saver'

Once you have downloaded and opened the app you are shown a Battery Charge Status and an indicator as to how well you are shaking your device.  Apparently when your phone is being moved/shaken it is slowly charging your battery.  It is suggested that the faster the accelerometer in the device is going, the more it charges, is this really the case?

So, how did we rate the app when used?  After 20 minutes of shaking, rather vigourously, we have to say that the Battery Status Bar never actually moved. This probably met our expectations.  This is a Free App and whilst we had no great success in charging a low battery we did give ourselves a good workout!  My arms feel different today.  10 out of 10 for innovation and fun however 2 out of 10 for performance.



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