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App Review 'Double Twist'


I am sure I am not the only person with the dilemma of wanting all their music on one device which is easy to sync with iTunes without having to buy an iPod.  The app "Doubletwist" was recommended by Digital Phone Company 4-6 weeks ago and it appeared to do exactly what I would need - and it is FREE!

This is a fantastic app which sync’s your music from iTunes with any android device. The app is downloaded onto you PC/Laptop as well as your android device. You can plug your device in to your PC/Laptop via USB.  Being a free App was fantastic - at a time when I had resorted to the idea of having to purchase an iPod.  I still continue to buy my music through iTunes and then upload to Doubletwist, I can download an album on iTunes and upload it to Doubletwist with in 20 seconds, it is that quick!


Doubletwist also gives you the option of arranging your music into playlists for every occasion just as you would get with any premium MP3 device.

I tested how long it would take to get an album previously purchased from iTunes, uploaded to Doubletwist and then synced to my phone via
AirSync….under a minute! I was impressed as I had expected it to take around 5 minutes.

AirSync is an amazing little add-on to the main app that you will have to pay for, £4.99.  If I am honest, I have had a few issues with AirSync to start with where as it will not always connect first time and may need 3 or 4 attempts to sync wirelessly to Doubletwist. The AirSync add-on also allows you to stream your music to your Xbox/PS3 and Apple TV via Wi-Fi.

You can also pay an additional £4.99 for the premium EQ version of Doubletwist. This allows you to have more control over the graphic equalizer and to download the album art for your music, I have paid for this but if I am honest it does not always download the correct album art.

After all this, if you have music on iTunes and would like to have it all on one device without the expense of buying an iPod I can highly recommend Doubletwist.


Craig Sayer

Digital Phone Company



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