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Apple announce iPad Mini and New iPad

This week Apple unveiled several new products and amongst the glittering array were the iPad Mini and the New iPad.

The iPad Mini is being touted by many as an iPad which you can hold in one hand - including Apple themselves.  This title and description sums it all up really, it's smaller - in fact 53% smaller than the iPad and 23% thinner.  The biggest difference between the iPad Mini and the standard iPad is of course the size of the screen.  The iPad Mini has a 7.9" display versus it's 9.7" bigger brother.  The screen uses the same LED backlit technology found on the iPad so nothing is missing in terms of quality.

What makes the iPad appealing to us is the amazing battery which is quoted by Apple as allowing you to surf the web, read e-books or type for up to 10 hours which is extremely impressive.  The iPad Mini is also as powerful as you would expect as it uses the A5 Chip which allows you to smoothly manoeuvre between screens and applications.

Just like an iPad, the iPad Mini incorporates a FaceTime Front Facing Camera.  This will allow 720p HD Video Recording whilst also gives you the ability to take self-portraits or make good quality video calls (network dependant).  Meanwhile the iSight camera will capture magnificent photographs using a 5 megapixel lens whilst allowing video recording in 1080p HD quality.

The iPad Mini comes as a WIFI only device or WIFI + Cellular and in two colours, Black/Slate and White/Silver, whilst being available as a 16GB, 32GB or 64GB device.

As we stated above, Apple also announced the New iPad which has a rather lengthy title as the iPad with Retina Display.  Some people may just call it the New iPad or iPad 4. The new device gets it's name due to the quality of the display - incredibly it uses 3.1 million pixels to ensure that all images and video's look stunning and crisp.

Under the bonnet of the mighty new iPad with Retina Display is a new A6X Chip which is twice as fast as the previous A5X Chip.  Even so, Apple claim that battery life is not impeded which is so important.

The iSight camera uses advanced optics to give you the best picture possible. With an ƒ/2.4 aperture and a five-element lens, it captures  light efficiently to produce a sharper and brighter overall image. And the hybrid infrared filter — typically reserved for expensive SLR  cameras — keeps out harmful IR light for more accurate, uniform colours.

Again, this new iPad with Retina Display is available as a WIFI only device or with WIFI + Cellular.  It comes in Black or White and again as 16GB, 32GB or 64GB versions.



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