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Apple launch New iPhone 5


The New iPhone 5 has this evening been revealed by Apple. The new smartphone comes fully loaded with the latest version of the Apple software, iOS6.  With the strapline 'The Biggest Thing to Happen to iPhone since iPhone', there is sure to be big interest.

So, whats been added?  Well the handset shouts seem to centre on enhancements rather than anything revolutionary.  For example, Siri, the voice recognition software, enabling you to ask questions and complete tasks such as sending text messages, has been enhanced and you have access to more than 700,000 apps.

The 1080p HD Video also has enhancements and the 10 faces in the Face Detection is a cool feature even if not necessary whilst features such as improved stabilisation are definitely a move in the right direction.  Another improvemnet see's the front facing camera capable of 720p too.

Where could the new iPhone have been better?  For us, we question the fact that NFC is missing - a shocking exclusion.

Whilst the iPhone 5 is at pre-order stage we are currently running some promotions on the New Ipad.  The 16GB WIFI only device is available FREE on a £29 tariff by clicking here



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