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Best Screen Is... Xperia P!

Last month at Bromley and Sheffield Hall Research, 100 respondents were asked to rank the screens of 4 smartphones - the previously unannounced Sony Xperia P,  Apple i-Phone 4, Samsung Galaxy S2  and the HTC Sensation XL.  Check out the results....

Respondents could only see the screen of each phone - they did not know which brand of phone they were looking at.  They were labelled as B=Apple iPhone 4, G=Nypon Sony Xperia, L=Samsung Galaxy S2, S = HTC Sensation XL.

Respondents were asked to look at the screen of each phone and rate each for the quality of the screen when looking at a picture - i.e. which screen makes the picture look best?  To briefly explain the reasons for the scores they gave and this was asked this for on x3 images (tiger, girl in snow and car).

The results were amazing:

  • 89% of Touchscreen users rated Sony Xperia P the best quality screen
  • 97% of iPhone users rated Sony Xperia P better than an iPhone 4 for screen quality
  • 92% of HTC owners and 100% of Samsung owners rated Sony Xperia P the best screen
  • Sony Xperia P does particularly strongly on detailed images such as wild-life photography (i.e. Tiger image), where 88% rated Xperia P’s screen the best
  • 74% selected Nypon first for all x3 pictures
  • 94% selected Nypon for x2 pictures

The Sony Xperia P uses unique WhiteMagic™ technology, making the colours in your favourite clips and stills look as sharp and clear as if you were inside.  WhiteMagic adds a 4th white sub-pixel – traditional LCD screens have three; red, green and blue – to the Reality Display.   The result?  The outstanding combination of an ultra-bright screen and great power efficiency. Power efficient because WhiteMagic automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to surrounding light – when the light is not so strong, Xperia P users less battery power.

The Sony Xperia P device can be looked at more closely by clicking here.



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