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Blackberry 9860 Review


At Digital Phone Company we believe the best way to give feedback on handsets is by gathering it from long term users of a device rather than just using it for a few days.  Our next handset review is the Blackberry 9860.  This handset has been reviewed by one of our own staff....

BlackBerry Torch 9860 – where’s my QWERTY?

Like most BlackBerry owners I love my QWERTY keypad but have been jealous over the last few years of the ever increasing screen sizes and full touch experience of the Iphone and Android handsets.

I find the QWERTY keypads a joy to use on BlackBerrys and the business side of a BlackBerry is second to none. Ok, so RIM’s BlackBerry App World can’t compete  with Apples AppStore or Google’s Play, with companies tending to develop apps for iOS and Android more than BlackBerry and Windows 7 devices.

So when I decided to take the plunge and try the Torch 9860 I was thinking, “hang on I remember the Storm!” Yes, RIM’s ( BlackBerrys Owners) big mistake, the handset that was pushed so much by RIM  and was meant to be the next big thing to take on the iphone. Unfortunately for RIM the Storm made history for being very poor at just about everything it did.

What about the Torch 9860 then?

Well I have been using it now forover a week and I have to say I think it’s an excellent phone. The build quality is excellent with chrome edging and a metal removable back cover. The TFT screen isn’t placed just under the glass like on the new HTC or Nokia Lumia devices but still looks great. With 800 x 600 resolution it’s very clear and makes emails and and images displayed very clean and crisp. The four main buttons at the base of the handset are the normal BlackBerry keys and are standing clear of the device which makes them feel a quality product rather than the flat cheaper kind found on most Curve handsets (9380).

The Menu system is BlackBerrys own 7.1 which works rather well on the 3.7 inch screen, fluid motion and easy access.  The BlackBerry menu key giving extra options for in App menus.  As with all OS 6 and 7 devices the menus slide both left and right and help with full access to the ever increasing app icons and options available. I found the OS easy to use as I had an OS6 device, the use of the touch screen just makes the menu system easier, before you would have had to use the trackpad to move around the screen. The BlackBerry Torch also has a trackpad in the centre of the bottom of the device if you find the touch screen won’t select a certain option on the screen.

Battery life is around normal on my experience with large screen devices, I often charge every night but that’s just me, I will charge at night and then when I’m at home around 7pm. Normally the battery will have around 15-20% left after normal use during the day with 4 email accounts, BBM, Social Feeds, SMS and Wifi/Bluetooth usage.  The 5mp camera with Autofocus seems on par with other BlackBerrys and offers some great pictures in the correct lighting, also with 720p HD video recording.

Overall I will be keeping the device, ok so the on-screen keypad is not the same as my old QWERTY hard keys and on portrait mode it can be tricky. Turned to Landscape it’s a breeze to use and I am sure I can get use to it.

Do you own a Blackberry? 

Do you use BlackBerry messenger and love the BlackBerry way. Would you like a larger screen for Websites/Social feeds/Camera use and all the other benefits?  If so, Give the BlackBerry 9860 a go, it may just surprise you.
Review by Daniel Morris,  IT Support Technician, Onestream/Digital Phone Company.



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