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Georgie - The Smartphone App Designed for Blind People

Georgie is the first mobile phone app which has been designed by Blind people specifically for Blind People.  The App allows users to experience a Voice-assisted Touchscreen and send text messages via talking.

The amazing new app, which took 18 months to develop and 40 blind people to test with, was designed by a blind, British couple, Roger Wilson-Hinds and his wife Margaret.  Both are former teachers from Peterborough who run a non profitable organisation to aid people with sight disorders.

‘We wanted a smartphone with big bright buttons, we wanted everything talking,’ said Mr Wilson-Hinds‘  We wanted everything integrated together, so if you travel you get a talking compass, you get information about where you are and what’s around, when the next bus is due, when to get off – we wanted all that together on one screen.

‘It’s nice to have your own bit of control and independence.  Everybody else sits and reads their magazine or the paper and we can have our phone and listen to books and our favourite podcasts. We wanted a rugged, easy to use phone designed for us.’

Georgie can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace

The app has been fully reviewed by Metro and can be viewed by clicking here.All quotes above are courtesy of Metro



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