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Hold The FA Cup using this Great App!

This weekend see's four of Englands top sides compete for the FA Cup.  The cup which has been a prize in football since 1871 is now available for you to have your picture taken with - you just need Budweisers Man Of The Match App and a promotional beermat!

Budweiser have teamed up with reality company Aurasma to create this app for football fans across the country.

Simple search for 'Man Of The Match' inside the Google Play Store on an Android device to find the app and download for free.  The app allows you to decide which player receives the official Man of The Match award of each FA Cup game.

However, the main function of this app is to take you into the new world that smartphones offer.  Once you have downloaded your app, click on 'Interactive'.  The app uses your on board camera to view video's and animations whilst still using your surrounding environment for the backdrop.  Budweiser announce this as "bringing physical and virtual worlds together".  Budwesier have placed symbols on posters all around the country allowing you to experience this technology.

Check out the video below which demonstrates how you too can lift the FA Cup!



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