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HTC Battery Tips and Tricks


An interesting article  on the HTC Blog shares interesting tips and tricks relating to getting the most out of the battery contained within your HTC Smartphone.

The information provided contains some very useful tips indeed.  The first piece of information explains to HTC users how they can add a Power Dashboard to the homescreen of the device.  This is described as an easy way to amend the WIFI, Brightness and Timeout modes with just one touch whilst in our opinion this also acts as a reminder to change these settings when needed.

There are some basic tips too which most smartphone users will already be familiar with, such as turning off Bluetooth and WIFI if they are not required whilst also reminding you that if you are in a low signal for a long period of time this will drain your battery - so if you leave your handset in an underground carpark for a few hours don't expect much power on your return - switch it off!

You can check out the blog written by Raymond Calbay by clicking here



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