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HTC will benefit from Lumia 920 EE exclusive

When it was announced last week that the Nokia Lumia 920 would be exclusive to EE, it was met with some disappointment.  HTC however could be the winners as many customers originally waiting for the Lumia have been put off by the network choice and are instead opting for the Windows  Phone 8X by HTC.

Digital Phone Company are experiencing many customers not wishing to pay the hefty charges on EE with Nokia's flagship product and are instead switching to purchasing the new Windows Phone 8X by HTC either SIM Free or on Vodafone Contract. 

"It seems that many customers who were registering interest in the Nokia Lumia 920 were keen to get hold of a Windows 8 device rather than the Nokia Lumia 920 specifically" said our Sales Director.  "Customers are savvy and are seeing that the HTC device can be obtained at a much lower cost.  The fact that many people are not in a 4G area makes that benefit redundant too"

A comparison is clear to see.  On EE the Nokia Lumia 920 will cost £129.99 upfront and £36 per month which offers the user just 500MB of data.  On Vodafone we are able to offer customers the Windows Phone 8X by HTC Free for £37 per month with 1GB of data.

Like the Nokia Lumia 920, the range of new Windows handsets by HTC are vibrant in colour.  The 8X comes is a fantastic shade of Blue.

So what does the Windows Phone 8X by HTC offer over and above the Lumia 920?  They have included the Beats Audio sound enhancement feature.  This means you will receive the highest possible quality in vocals and bass.  The headset amplifier which is built into the device also means that you can enjoy bigger sound with less distortion, even for  high-end headphones.  A built-in speaker amplifier further means the 8X can deliver immersive sound quality when used as a loudspeaker. Beats Audio can enhance all audio on the phone, not just music - including games and movies.

Nokia 'win' with a 4.5" Gorilla Glass display compared to that of the HTC 4.3" screen however HTC win on weight coming in at a more respectable 130g compared to the heavy 185g Nokia handset and you cannot help to question just why the Nokia device has to be so bulky.  With both handsets housing an 8 megapixel camera and a 1.5GHz Dual Core processor the weight issue all of a sudden becomes relevant.

You can purchase the Windows Phone 8X by HTC by clicking here



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