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Top 10 Battery Saving Tips

No matter how good a mobile phone is and no matter who you talk to we all often hear the same problem voiced - battery life is poor.  With mobile phones at the centre of many peoples lives they are being used more and more however you don't have to experience a low battery by mid afternoon if you follow our advice below.  Of course, some people are just heavy users and will always be in need of a top-up to their power however these tips can help every mobile user gain more from their battery. .

1.  Screen Brightness.  As standard many people have their screen brightness set to 50% or higher and there really is no need for this.  We have found that screen brightness set to 20% is more than sufficient.  This simple change, by going into your Display Settings, will give you an instant improvement to your daily battery life.

2.  Turn Screen Off.  Whether this is an automatic setting or something you do manually you must have realised that the longer your handset sits next to you with an illuminated screen that it is running down your battery?  If not, well it does.  You can set your phone to go to a blank display normally after 10-15 seconds of inactivity however some people have this set to 1 minute as standard.  Most phones have a standby button and it will save you ample battery life if you remember to press this as soon as you have finished using your device.

3.  Turn Off 3G.  If you don't need it, turn it off.  Research has shown that switching to a 2G signal can save up to 50% battery life.

4.  Top Up Your Charge.  Many modern batteries benefit from 'topping up' the charge in them.  Don't wait till it's dead, or when you need to use the phone before charging it - take any opprtunity to breath some additional life into your battery.

5.  Close Open Apps.  Have you been checking the latest Facebook Activity?  Perhaps you were recently looking at football scores on-line.  Many of us leave these apps running in the background not even knowing, whilst all the time they are eating away at your battery life.  Make sure that you exit apps properly and get into a routine of going to Task Manager in your menu and closing any apps which may have been left open.

6.  Bluetooth.  Simply turn it off as this is a big battery drainer.

7.  WIFI.  Again, unless you are searching for your WIFI, or using it, most of us do not need this turmed on.  Turn it off to reserve further battery life.

8.  Camera Flash.  The whole process of opening the camera application on your phone and taking a photograph uses battery as it is however the added use of a Flash will dramatically increase the battery consumption of this action.  Unless you really need it try not to use the flash as many photographs are better without it in any case.

9.  Speed.  We have already mentioned the correlation between screen illumination and battery.  Therefore the quicker you can deal with the task in hand, the less time your device will be illuminated.  Texting is one of the most common uses of a mobile phone and with touchscreen devices this can, for some, be a slow process.  If this is the case then consider using SWYPE.  This technology available on the latest Samsung devices and available as an app on the open market makes text messaging quicker.  Rather than typing each letter you glide your finger between each key and so long as it hits somewhere near the right key, it will correctly predict the right word.  This improved text message efficiency will slightly improve your battery performance.

10.  Stay In Signal.  If your phone displays 'no network' then your device will regularly attempt to find a network and of course this uses the battery significantly.  If you are in one of those places where there is no signal then there is nothing you can do about it however sometimes where you position your phone will be the difference between signal or no signal.  Perhaps when you are in a shopping centre the indoor coverage is weaker than normal however keeping the device in your hand (without pressing buttons and illuminating the screen) will hopefully keep you in signal.  However by placing your device in your pocket or in a bag would see the signal dropped completely and the battery will be stretched again.  Similarly if you park in an underground carpark where there is no signal and you decide to go shopping without your device this will drain the battery more than if you took the device with you and had it in signal.

The above 10 points are changes which you CAN make to the every day life of your mobile phone to receive an improved battery performance.  Failing that there is always the next option...

11.  Keep a Spare Battery!  Well, how else can you receive double the battery performance?




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