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Meet the 'L' Family of Handsets from LG


After some great success in 2011 LG are back with a new portfolio of handsets - greetings to the L Family.  Last year LG brought us the Worlds first Dual Core Handset, the LG2X and also the first 3D Handset, the LG3D.  Both were extremely successful.  The three new devices unveiled recently are as follows:

First up is the L3.  With its 3.2" display and super-stylish looks,the LG Optimus L3 lets you look your best while seeing the most.  However you look at it, the display delivers a comfortable viewing experience and readability is outstanding in daylight and on the move.  The handset runs Android 2.3, has a 800 Mhz processor which is sufficient and a 3mpx camera.  It will launch in Black with a White version out later.

With its spacious 4.0" screen and advanced Android technology, the LG Optimus L5 creates endless possibilities.  The expansive 4.0" screen gives your eyes room to roam and delivers excellent readability for browsing. Touch typing is easy with the larger target – even on the move – and the larger size still allows for simple one hand usage.  The latest technology – Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich – delivers advanced multi-tasking, customisable home screens and deeper interactivity.  The 5MP camera is perfect for capturing and uploading quality shots. You can even use Near Field Communication to scan and shop (NFC).

Finally, feast your eyes on the new LG Optimus L7 – delivering world-class style without sacrificing screen size.  The advanced Android Platform comes with the best and latest technology – Google Android 4.0 OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. The 5MP lens and instant autofocus is perfect for capturing great memories. And the Smart 1700mAh battery intelligently manages power consumption, so you can keep going for longer.  The largest-in-class 4.3" wide display delivers an outstanding viewing experience. Read text full-size. See images and videos in greater detail and more vibrant colour – even outside. It’s the perfect size for surfing the web and updating your favourite SNS sites

Don't forget the LG Prada 3 which is LG's Flagship device and is available by clicking here



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