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Micro Sim Card Adaptors Available


Approximately 12 years ago there was a change of SIM Card sizes for mobile phones.  Many people will remember having phones which had a SIM Card the size of a Credit Card stuffed into the back somewhere.  Now, in another decade, we are seeing a similar situation occur as more and more handsets choose to take Micro Sim Cards.

More and more people are finding a use to have 2 mobile devices - sometimes a SIM is shared between a Tablet and Mobile Phone whilst for
others its changing between a business device in the daytime to something more individual for the evenings and weekends.  What happens though if the devices take a different sized SIM?

SIM Card Adaptors which allow your Micro SIM to be inserted into a holder and to be placed into a standard size sim card handset are now available and you can grab one for just £1.99 including postage and packing,  Click here to purchase



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