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Mobile Devices to Outnumber Humans


The global number of Mobile Devices will at some point in 2012 outnumber the number of Human Beings.

This is the statement issued by Cisco yesterday. The report also issued the following points which make for amazing reading:

  • By 2016 it predicts that there will be 10 billion mobile connected devices around the world.
  • By 2016 networks will be carrying 130 exabytes of data each year which is the equivalent to 33 billion DVDs.
  • Mobile data traffic in 2011 was eight times the size of the global internet in 2000.

Also by 2016 the study suggests that 60% of Mobile users (thats 3 billion people) will be using a Gigabyte of Data on their Mobile Phone Device every month.  When you consider the avearge user currently has 500MB of inclusive data on their plan, and actually only uses 150MB, this is a massive jump.  Part of the reason for this is being put down to the number of Tablets in the market.  A Tablet device is likely to use 3 times as much data as a standard smartphone.



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