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Mobile Industry Awards 2012 are Looming!


In just over one months time figures from the mobile industry will get together to party - as on the 14th June we are able to recognise the products and people who have made the mobile industry the most exciting to be involved with.  It's the 2012 Mobile Industry Awards

The location of the prestigious event is again The Brewery in Central London.  The prize which everyone will look out for is the Best Manufacturer Prize and shortlisted for this award are Apple, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Sony.

The Best Manufacturer prize will see Judges look at the huge range of products that each manufacturer offers whilst looking at their innovation, marketing amd reliability with trade partners. 

In October 2011, Apple launched the IPhone 4S and this introduced us to Siri, voice technology enabling you to verbally send text messages and schedule meetings which was amazing innovation however many people felt that the latest device was a bit of a let down in other areas.  HTC have had a slow year however the launch of the new HTC OneX brought with it the first Quad Core processor and a fantastic 12 megapixel camera enabling still photo's to be taken whilst simultaneously recording video!

Meanwhile Sony Ericsson became Sony and brought along the amazing Sony Xperia S with NFC Sony Smart Tags enabling you to change your phone profile by swiping the programmed tag onto the back of the device.  Great Innovation and the first manufacturer to truly lead the way with NFC.

On the back of a year which saw the Samsung Galaxy S2 give the manufacturer massive smartphone market share, they bring along it's successor, the Samsung Galaxy SIII due to launch on the 29th May just before the Awards.  Finally, Nokia joined the smartphone race with their new brand, Lumia.  The Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 use Windows 7.5 Mango whilst teaming up with Monster has arguably given them a great audio headstart on some of their rivals.

The prizes, which we will announce the winners of right here, at the 2012 Mobile Industry Awards are:

  • Best Manufacturer
  • Phone of the Year
  • Hottest New Phone for 2012
  • Hottest Tablet Device for 2012
  • Best High Street Retailer
  • Best Dealer
  • Shop Idol
  • Best MVNO
  • Best Manufacturer Field Marketing Team
  • Best Hardware Distributor
  • Best Airtime Distributor
  • Best Accessories Distributor
  • Best Network
  • Person of the Year
You can read a full report on the Mobile Industry Awards by clicking here



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