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New JCB Range Unveiled

It's been 5 years since the launch of the JCB branded, rugged handsets.  Recognisable for the Yellow/Black colourings the handsets provide the durability that only JCB can provide.  This week a new batch have been launched - the Sitemaster 2, Sitemaster 3G and the Pro-Smart


The Sitemaster 2 supersedes the previous Sitemaster model.  The handset is Yellow/Black and as you may expect is IP67 rated making it water resistant and dust resistant.  However it also has a 2mpx camera, Bluetooth, FM Radio, Torch and is provided with a 2 Year Warranty.

The Sitemaster 3G takes on a new look, a stylish all in black number. Certfied to IP54 the handset is also water and dust reistant however has an improved 5mpx camera along with the same features mentioned on the Sitemaster 2.  Of course, the main advantage is in the title of the product telling you that it is a 3G handset!

Finally the pièce de résistance is the JCB Pro-Smart - JCBs 1st Smartphone.  A smartphone TESTED to IP67, soon to be certified we hope, so is dust and water resistant.  What OS does the handset use?  It's Android 2.3 and with an 800Mhz processor makes it a challenge for many mid range smartphones out there.  Expandable memory of us to 32GB and a 5mpx camera may mean that no longer do people of certain trades need one device for work and another for the weekend.  Is this THE ultimate rugged device?

These devices will be available for pre-order soon.



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