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App Review - Pingit from Barclays

When we first heard about Pingit from Barclays, a mobile app allowing you to transfer money to a friend via a mobile phone we sat up instantly to learn more about it.  This is a great app which anyone needing regularly to exchange money amongst a group should consider downloading - it's FREE!

First some key points.  The great news is that you do NOT have to be a Barclays customer to use this app, it's available to all to download free of charge.  The app is however better for Barclay customers as they simply use their existing Barclays Account - if banking elsewhere Barclays create you a 'Wallet' to transfer money into and then use from there.  You simply need a UK registered Mobile Phone Number.

The Mobile app will allow you to send up to £300 from your registered Bank Account to another person - how often do you find yourself at a hotel or restaurant trying to split a bill and no-one has the correct amount of cash on them?  Friends can now choose to send you the money immediately using the app so encourage your friends to download this too.

We had a go and downloading and using the app.  It was easy to locate on the Android Marketplace and very quickly downloaded.  To register we needed to choose a 5 digit passcode which we would need to log in going forward and were asked to add our Mobile Number, Full Name, Address and Date of Birth.  The final step was the Penny transaction which Barclays use to verify your account and hey presto you are up and running.

Here are the main points regarding the app:

  • It’s free to download and use – and sending money is secure, done in seconds and shown on your Barclays bank statement (if you're a Barclays customer)
  • You'll need an Android phone, BlackBerry or iPhone with internet access
  • You need to have a UK-registered mobile number and be aged 16 or over
  • You can use the app to send money from your Barclays current account
  • If you don’t bank with Barclays, when you register we'll set up a Barclays Pingit Wallet account on the app for you to use to send money.  You can top-up the Barclays Pingit Wallet account by paying in cash at a Barclays branch, transferring money to it from your UK current account or using any UK Barclays ATM
  • You can send up to £300 a day to family, friends and small businesses, subject to having available funds.
  • You can receive up to £5,000 a day from other users. We'll tell you if different limits apply to you and any steps you need to take to get full use of the service, such as undergoing additional ID checks in a Barclays branch
  • Once you've registered, you can check the balance of your linked Barclays bank or Barclays Pingit Wallet account in the app. You can also view your recent Barclays Pingit transactions in the app
  • When you receive a payment through Barclays Pingit, your full registered name will be made visible to the sender of the payment
  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Visit Barclays Pingit help for our frequently asked questions and demo tutorials


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