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Prada Phone By LG Review

It's been several weeks since the launch of the new Prada Phone by LG and we are surprised at how few have been sold across the UK.  Here we  take a look at some of the features offered by the device which we believe to be stunning.

You may recall that the original LG Prada device sold over 1 million units and helped LG make a huge impact in the UK market and many questions have been asked as to whether that success could be repeated with the Prada 3.

From the moment you pick up the box containing the handset it is clear this is going to be an elegant, tailored, handset which is going to ooze personality.  The Black Box has the same patterned finish as the phone itself.  Then just by switching the handset on it’s clear Prada is at the heart of the design as the Prada brand flashes onto the screen.

Instantly the high brightness NOVA Display is visible which measures at 800 –nit which is currently THE Brightest Mobile Phone Display on the market.  The display is 4.3” in size and looks fantastic using a White Text on Black Background.  The screen however may well influence the discharging of the battery which we felt could have been better.


The device weighs in at 138g, is amongst the slimmest phones at 8.5mm and after expecting a stylish look, we were not let down.  The black cover is complete with Prada's Saffiano pattern and this really adds to the overall feel that you are using a designer handset.  Don’t be put off that the cover is plastic, as it feels great.

On the top of the handset there is a unique metal slider which reveals the USB Charging socket and helps keep out the dirt.  This has had real thought put into it and is so refreshing to see, rather than those rubber plugs which many handsets have.

To use the device simply depress the power button in the top right hand corner and the screen will come to life. The Prada Phone by LG, will allow you to use it’s functions simply by sliding the Home Screen northwards.

The display has 7 customisable screens which can be moved through by sliding the screen from left to right to left, although this isn’t a cycle and therefore if you are on the 7th screen you need to scroll through 6 screens to get back to screen 1.  As with all Android devices you can still choose to add a new widget to any of these screens simply by pressing and holding the screen and dropping in the one you want.

We did find however one irritation when using the device.  You don’t get long to make a choice regarding your next action.  You will see that when you touch the screen, 4 icons illuminate however within seconds these vanish and you are required to touch the screen again.  After a while a user may become familiar with the un-illuminated keys however it certainly caused a problem when we first used it.


If this handset wanted to compete with the other smartphones of similar price it was essential that the Prada Phone by LG contained a camera equal to them – we think it has had a good go at achieving that.  The main rear facing camera is 8 megapixels and when you activate the camera there are clear icons on each side of the display so you can instantly change the settings or take a photo.  The top left icon will switch the camera to the 1 megapixel Front Facing Camera whilst a simple toggle on the opposite side can allow a smooth switch to Video mode.  The camera has an LED Flash and adjustable ISO whilst the Video Capture is HD which all adds to the handsets appeal

The Prada Phone by LG uses Android 2.3 and of course has it’s own skin which gives the device the Black / White look.  IceCream Sandwich is expected later in the year to further enhance the product.

The handset is powered by an excellent 1GHz Dual Core Processor and this is fine for using the internet however if gaming is your thing then there are perhaps other smartphones to consider.

The Prada Phone by LG is another device to support NFC and it does of course have WIFI and Bluetooth which you would expect.  Under the battery cover you can add a Micro SD Memory Card up to 32GB (DEMO) whilst there is 8GB Storage on board too.

Overall, the White Text and Black Background really make this handset stand out from other smartphones and we were impressed with the responsiveness of the touch screen, which is an ideal size.  Above all it does what Prada and LG would have wanted to achieve – they have brought to market an elegant yet powerful device that will turn heads.  We love it.

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