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Smartphone sales increase to 488 Million


Smartphone sales last year reached 488 Million.

The statistics being reported suggest that Google dominated this market with 49% of devices being on the Android Platform with Apples IOS grabbing 19% and Symbian devices 16%. The figure exclipses that of PCs for the first time which saw sales hit approximately 415 million.

Google's Android OS was assisted largely thanks to the 91 million devices shipped by Samsung whilst it is reported that Tablets are under the PC headline and therefore the real number of smartphones would be much higher if these were labelled smartphones instead.

There seems to be no slowdown in this market as Smartphones shipped in Q4 of 2011 were 57% up on the same period in 2010 with 158.5 million devices shipped.

With prices of smartphones lowering all of the time and with the arrival of ZTE in the marketplace we can assume that these figures will continue to grow.  The ZTE Tania due out this month is already receiving huge interest with an unbelievable pricetag for such a great piece of kit.



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