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Sony Ericsson Arc S Review


At Digital Phone Company we believe the best way to give feedback on handsets is by gathering it from long term users of a device rather than just using it for a few days.  Today, we present our 1st handset review, the very popular Sony Ericsson Arc S.  This handset has been reviewed by one of our own staff...

Where do I start with this marvellous phone? Well, let us first look at it  aesthetically.  The Arc S has a lovely 4.2” screen making watching movies and viewing the internet a joy. The phone’s arch makes it beautiful to handle and stylish, also weighing only 117g and being 8.7mm slim it feels great in your hand. What is more the Arc S has reality display with a mobile Bravia engine giving this phone richer colours and sharper images, which can be achieved indoors and outdoors with the added feature of reduced light reflection

Not only does the Arc S boast a 8.1 mega pixel camera with LED flash and 16x optical zoom it has Sony’s Exmor R giving it the ability to take high quality, low light, pictures even by candlelight or Christmas tree lights (as I found out this year). It also works on night pictures giving you a smooth high quality image. This means the Arc S will be able to capture ALL of those special moments no matter what the light conditions and with its smile detection feature will also make sure you get people smiling in it too. Not forgetting its stunning 3D sweep panorama where you can take pictures and view them in 3D, on 3D TV or on any 3D display.

Having a Xperia Arc S means you will never be out of touch from the social networking world again. Facebook is integrated within the phone by its Facebook inside Xperia, this gives you the power to recommend music, pictures and apps you like without being in Facebook. Plus you have the added bonus of being able to view you friends photos direct in your photo gallery. Forgot your friend or family’s birthday before? Not with the Arc S once you sync Facebook and Twitter with your calendar as it will update all their birthdays for you.

What this phone certainly has is speed, be it downloading viewing full length movies (which you can rent or buy from the Video Unlimited App) and uploading photos to Facebook extremely quickly. Browsing the internet is seamless with its 1.4 GHZ processor and downloading games and apps from the android market is quicker than I have experienced on any other phone. The Arc S is able to connect to your TV via HDMI so giving you the ability to view your pictures and movies on the big screen.

All in all this is a super quick, elegant and graceful looking, magnificent picture viewing, state of the art handset, which has something for everyone be it photography, gaming, social networking, emailing, web browsing, music listening or even call making. You won’t get bored with this phone and your friends will all want one once they have seen it.  The Xperia Arc S truly takes phones to the next level.

John Sherwood

Digital Phone Company



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