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Text Communication overtakes Calls in the UK


For the first time in the UK, text communication has overtaken phone calls for adults as the primary method of keeping in touch. 

The information, provided by Ofcom, also suggests that it is not only the traditional phone calls which have been surpassed but also face-to-face contact.  The average UK adult now sends on average 50 texts per week which is double that of four years ago whilst in 2011 over 150 billion text messages were sent.

The findings were a result of measuring the methods used to contact family and friends once per day.

Other information contained within Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2012, is the fact that 96% of 16-24s  are using some form of text based application on a daily basis to  communicate with friends and family; with 90% using texts and nearly three quarters (73%) using social networking sites.  However only 67% of this younger generation are making phone calls on a daily basis.

To read Ofcoms full report please click here



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