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Text Messaging is 20 Years Old!


Believe it or not this week Text Messaging is 20 Years Old!  That's right, it was on December 3rd 1992 that a Canadian engineer typed the words "Merry Christmas" and sent this using the Vodafone network.

My first experience of Text Messaging, which was known back then as SMS (Short Message Service), was using a Nokia 1611 mobile phone.  Explaining what a text message was and how this was sent over the network to another handset was, at the time, like explaining a card or magic trick.

It was Nokia who led the way with text mesaging although even after it was adopted by some the average person in 1995 was sending just 4 text messages per month. Things have of course moved on - in 2006, 51 BILLION Text Messages were sent whilst in 2011 this has increased to 150 Billion.

Last Christmas 101.4 million text messages were sent over the Vodafone network alone on Christmas Day whilst in the 12 hours between 6pm on 31st December and 6am on January 1st 2012 110 million text messages were sent over the Vodafone network - staggering.

What happens next?  Interestingly in 2012 the volume of text messaging has actually decreased in two consecutive quarters which Ofcom report will be down to the increased use of Instant Messaging and Social networking instead. This comes at a time where all the UK Mobile Networks are offering Unlimited Texts as standard on Pay Monthly plans.



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