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The Mighty Boom ball is Vibrating a Huge Noise!

The NEW Mighty Boom Ball has landed.  It's small, it's cute, it's NOISY!  This pocket sized music device allows pretty much anything within sight become your loudspeaker .

This years Christmas Stocking filler simply connects to your mobile phone using the 3.5mm Jack where your headphones nornally plug into whilst the other end, the ball, sits on the area you wish to use as a speaker and Hey Presto!

Just like us, you will be amazed at the varying sounds which the ball will emit simply due to the surface it is sitting on whilst it can be heard up to 20 metres away. 

The Mighty Boom Ball comes in an array of colours, Pink, White, Green, Orange, Blue and Black with a price of just £17.95 each or £32.95 for two - including delivery.  So go make some noise and buy your Might Boom Balls now by clicking here.



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