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Vodafone Launch Unlimited Call and improved Data tariffs


On Friday 7th September, Vodafone launch NEW and IMPROVED tariffs for consumer customers.  The Highlights are that there will now be tariffs offering Unlimited Calls and Unlimited Texts plus vast improvements on the amount of inclusive Data allowance.

The new batch of tariffs are 24 months in length and are all improvements on the existing range.

At the low end of the scale there is a tariff at just £11 per month offering users UNLIMITED TEXTS as well as 100 Minutes of calls, although as you would expect there is no inclusive data included .

All other tariffs include data on the tariff plus a WIFI allowance.  The Mobile Internet amount varies between 100mb, 250mb, 1GB and 2GB whilst the WIFI allowance see's up to 3GB being available.  Vodafone have also introduced a method of improving the data usage further with an extra 2GB allowance for purchase at an additional £10 per month on all tariffs.

What’s included

  • Unlimited minutes are to UK standard landlines (01,02,03) and mobiles
  • Unlimited texts are standard UK texts
  • Data includes tethering on all plans (100, 300, 600, Red, Red Data
  • VOIP included in Vodafone Red and Red Data

The New Tariffs are available NOW at

In addition to this Vodafone can also offer the following:

Vodafone Data Test Drive

Customers can use as much mobile internet as they want for three months and find out which plan suits them best.

Vodafone VIP

Customers can get once in a lifetime experiences and offers with Vodafone VIP.  From fabulous fashion offers, tickets to festivals to exclusive
motorsport rewards.

Vodafone Callback

Vodafone won’t keep customers waiting on hold.  With Vodafone Callback, you can choose to schedule a call back within the next week, or to be called back when you get to the front of the queue.

My Vodafone

The stuff you want to know - straight to your smartphone.  It’s good to stay in control. So rather than wait for your bill to arrive, the My Vodafone app lets you see how much of your call, text and internet allowance you’ve used



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