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Does Size Matter?


With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Mega and its massive 6.3“ screen the size of the mobile phone seems to be getting very close to a 7”  tablet.  (I can still remember when the small thin Motorola RAZR clam phone was all the rage.)

What is the Ideal Size?

iPhone 4/4s users will say that their device is the “just right” at 3.7” and that if they want to use a larger screen they will buy a iPad Mini (7.9”) or the Larger iPad 4 (8.9”).  I know the iPhone 5 has a larger screen at 4” but this only allow another row of icons at the top and doesn’t have the same screen ratio as other devices.  Its Apple’s largest screen to date for a mobile and millions like it that way.

However Windows mobile/BlackBerry/Android users have lots to choose from. Be it the 4.3” to 5” Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 range or the maybe a Nokia Lumia 925 4.5” monster. Even the BlackBerry Z10 is 4.2” in size.

There are a lot of people who like the larger screen and thinner designs but when does it stop?

What is the optimal size for a mobile before it becomes too big for the pocket?  Will we see the end of the 7” tablet as the larger mobiles take over this product range?

Everyone has their own preference and time will tell what phone sells the best with its own screen size. Are you a 3.7” iPhone 4S fan or a Samsung Galaxy Mega fan? Do we need bigger jean pockets?

It’s going to be an interesting next few years to see where the screen size goes to.  Perhaps it will all change and we will be back to using small thin devices again, maybe even a mobile watch?

By Daniel Morris.



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