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Free Quit smoking app for Windows Phone


Read how Customer Service’s Lindsey used a Free Quit Smoking app on her Windows Phone to kick the habit.

Having now proudly quit smoking for 5 weeks, I thought it would be good to share the app that has helped me to do this!  The KickSmoking by ConceptHQ is a Windows App so it is available for those of you with Windows devices such as the Nokia Lumia Range and some of  the HTCs. Even more impressive is that it is free to download!

The app itself is simple to use and extremely clear to understand having 2 live tiles, one of which displays the amount of time you been “Smoke Free“, the other being a “Craving Timer” which is very useful during the occasional bouts of nicotine-deprivation related rage!!

A dashboard displays useful, motivational statistics, as well as the amount of money you have saved and the number of cigarettes you  haven’t smoked. Health-related milestones provide invaluable inspirational messages to spur you on, with indicators of what future milestones you will hit all the way through to 15 years smoke free.

Ultimately, it is pure willpower that is the key, however in the last 5 weeks, 11 hours, 608 cigarettes not-smoked and £228 saved, I have found  this app to be extremely helpful and something to concentrate on when your resolve starts to falter.

Download from the Windows Phone store here

By James Paterson



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