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Friday 13th Mobile Phone Tales

It's Friday the 13th and we have been hearing from friends, staff and customers who have tales of woe regarding their Mobile Phone....

The Phantom Drummer

About 2 months ago our Fakenham Store Manager, who is a drummer in a band called Strate Atom, was going to a gig, arrived at the venue and got out of the car as normal. As he got out of the car his Nokia Lumia 800 Mobile Phone fell out of his pocket and managed to land exactly in between the seat and the inside of the car door.  Chris got out of the car, slammed it shut and it rebounded onto him.  As he looked down at the destroyed Lumia he then realised what had happened!

FLYday the 13th!

Meanwhile, Richard, who works in our IT department described how his other half decided to throw her 6 month old Galaxy Note 2 ten feet across the garden onto the paved patio, smashing the 5.5 inch display into a million pieces, all because a fly landed on her hand......

Spooky Vibrations

Ed who works on the highstreet, was walking through Norwich a few years ago when it was very icy and slippery. He had almost fallen over two or three times, but thankfully had avoided such peril. He was, as always, glued to the phone and had taken extra care not to drop it when trying not to fall over amid texting, checking facebook and many other things that he shouldn’t have been doing given the weather conditions.

He slipped an extra time, again managing to stay on my feet and keep hold of my phone. Sadly, and very amusingly, the phone decided to vibrate, making Ed jump and causing him to drop it.....shattering the screen in the process

Drain Terror

Around two years ago Georgia took Megan to school in the morning. Trying to park outside the school in the morning is bad enough normally but on this day she was late and had to park further away than normal.  This highlighted the situation more and it turned the normal walk into the school into a mad rush with Megan’s back car doors being opened quickly and being told to hurry out of the car as they were late. Unknown at the time but she had parked over a Storm drain directly under the back door.

Whilst telling Megan to ‘hurry up’ and unknown to Georgia, (we believe) her 2 month old White BlackBerry 9780 fell out of her jacket pocket and fell straight down the Storm Drain. After dropping Megan at school panic soon kicked in when she realised her mobile was missing. After around an hour of searching the area, calling the device (which went straight to voicemail) she then retraced her routes and believed that the Storm drain must have eaten the device. An insurance claim cured the issue and a new BlackBerry Torch in white brought back the smile to her face.



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