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Smartphones Using More Data than Tablets


New research has revealed that data consumption is larger on premium smartphones than on Tablets.

The study by data analytics company Arieso, used one million users over a single 24 hour period in November to come up with these findings. This information may not be surprising to some as we see smartphones break boundaries with screens becoming larger offering a much greater browsing experience. In fact the study indeed notes that these is a blur between phones and tablets as they start to meet in the middle.

“It seems the capabilities of the newest smartphones – not tablets – are unleashing even greater user demand,” said study author and Arieso CTO, Dr. Michael Flanagan, in a statement. “Once you move away from raw consumption statistics, the most remarkable finding is the way in which people use smartphones and tablets. Regardless of device type and operating system, there is very little variation in the usage ‘signature’ between smartphone users and between tablet users.”

Users of the iPhone 5 account for more than four times the uplink and downlink data of  iPhone 3G users, whilst owners of the Samsung Galaxy SIII were responsible for generating  (uploading) the most data of all analysed smartphones and tablets, closely followed by the phablet Galaxy Note 2

The report also identifies that we are now witnessing more uploading, with one uplink byte of data generated for every six downlink bytes.  This is largely down to social networking as people are uploading more images and video than ever before.



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