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Sony Xperia T Staff Review


We believe the best mobile phone reviews are completed by actual users rather than someone who has just tried it for 48 hours.  Here one of our staff, John Sherwood, also our Sony Ambassador reviews the Bond Phone, aka The Sony Xperia T

The Bond phone certainly has style with its fantastic arch design feels amazing to handle. What’s more it has an unbelievable screen at 4.55” with a HD display and Sony’s mobile Bravia Engine viewing on this handset is immense. You can now benefit to the use of the full size of the handset with the control buttons now being part of the touch screen options.

Camera wise this phone carries on impressing with a stonking 13mp camera packed with cool features such as Geo tagging, which in the album section of the phone you can now view in a globe selection and view pictures which you have tagged from around the world. Also the panoramic pictures you can take produce stunning photos. Not even to mention that from stand by to taking a picture happens within 1.5 seconds.

For me one of the greatest things is the capability of sharing. NFC on the Xperia T now means sharing pictures, apps and much more can be done by just touching phones not only that but showing your photos and videos onto smart TV is made so much easier and quicker with Screen mirroring allowing your phone information wirelessly transfer to the TV.

I must give a big shoot out to the world also that this device can be used with Sky Go to, which for me is a massive plus alongside with its 1.5 dual core processor never miss that game again. Also benefiting from the fast processor is the gaming side of this handset which is PlayStation certified giving you access to lots of fantastic PlayStation games.

The Xperia T ticks every box that I want from a smart phone, great size screen, excellent user face and a stunning camera. Truly is the ultimate HD experience.

John Sherwood - Digital Phone Company.



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