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Apple iPhone 6 Rumours.

With the New Year passed we are already on the search for news about the rumoured iPhone 6.  With Samsung and Sony really upping the game with the Sony Xperia Z1 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 we are sure Apple will really come back strong with a new iPhone model. We have looked through all the rumours and compiled below our thoughts on these.

Size wise for the new iPhone seems to be still a mystery with reports of anything between 4.7” upwards.  As Expert Reviews state “The question that has to be answered is, how big will the screen be? Early rumors suggested that there would be a 4.8in screen, but more recent rumors have suggested that the new iPhone could have a 5in screen.”  And this would fit in nicely with what our DPC Survey came up with.  People where asked what size would they like to see the new iPhone and a staggering 68.75% wanted to see a 4.5” screen or above with only 18% wanting to stay at 4”. So it definitely safe to say bigger screen size is what people want.

We also agree with Expert review that “We think that Apple could quadruple the existing iPhone 5S's screen resolution, giving an iPhone 6 with a resolution of 2,272x1,280 instead.” And screen quality is another major factor that consumers look for with 1 out 5 of who we surveyed looking at this as their number one priority. As to the thickness the latest we have heard on this is, its rumoured to be Apples thinnest model yet at 6mm thick. This was reported by ETNews.

As to the Body of the new iPhone the news we have on this is from TechRadar “You can expect more premium metal to come your way with the new iPhone too, and Apple patents for liquidmetal 3D printing suggest there may be a new way to form the sultry chassis on the new iPhone." This we believe to make sense and be true as the look and design of the 5s was far more greatly received than the 5C.

NFC is now a standard in most premium android handsets and what we believe is that the iPhone 6 will come with this to, this is backed up by the International Bussiness times “This time, it seems several sources claim that Apple will be including an NFC chip on the upcoming flagship.”

We heard of LG G Flex be introduced at CES and there is strong words that Apple are to use the curved screen technology on the new iPhone 6, especially reading Bloomberg article “Apple is developing new iPhone designs including bigger screens with curved glass and enhanced sensors that can detect different levels of pressure.

So when is this to be here? That is the big question. Over the last few years historically apple have introduced there new top handsets in September, October time. This still may be the case however there are people saying that it may be as Early as JUNE which is not unheard of from Apple as they introduced the iPhone 4 in June. We will keep you updated as and when we here more on the launch date.

Now Camera is something that is crucial in getting right, as our DPC Survey pointed out 37.5% of people find this to be the number 1 factor in purchasing a phone. So what is the new iPhone going to offer? Latest news on this is the Mega Pixel is going to stay around 8 mega pixels but there will be a much improved optical image stabilization and larger lens.

With a lot of manufactures realizing that it’s not good enough to have all singing and dancing specs it needs to be durable as well. The rumour about this is Apple will be using Sapphire screen technology which is said to be around two times stronger than gorilla glass. Now this is something which apple screen repair companies will not be happy with but a great step for the consumer.

There is no real news on colour but we personally think with the technology the handset build that is rumored to be used its likely to be a similar set to the Apple iPhone 5S with Gold, Grey and Silver.

It’s going to be an exciting launch sometime in 2014 and we will have the latest for you as it comes. Apples new iPhone from the sounds of early reports is going to be a fighter against other top models.


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