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Apple takes a leaf from LG.

Apples latest patent is for a self-healing screen technology this is very similar to something that LG has produced in there LG G Flex. Normally Apple tends to lead the way in new technology but it seems they are a tad behind in this field. The official name for the patent is Systems and Methods for preventing light guide plate scratching artefacts.

The technology is said to be similar to that of Natoco’s Self-healing Cure Tech from Japan. In brief the coating is a polymer-alloy which protects the screen in 2 ways. Firstly it give the phone a slippery surface making it hard for scratches to show and then secondly its will identify when the screen has been scratched and in turn flows into the scratch to make it disappear.

If Apple can get this screen technology onto the handsets this would be a big plus. As we found from our DPC Survey 64% of people we survived would be concerned on the vulnerability of the iPhone screen and in turn prefer to look at other devices. No word yet if this technology will be ready in time for an iPhone 6 but we will keep you informed of any changes. 


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