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Flappy Bird Pulled

The massive popular game Flappy Bird developed by Nguyen Ha Dong which has reached the heights of number 1 game on both IOs and Android making an estimated £30,000 a day in advertising has been pulled by Dong.

Dong announced this on Saturday night via Twitter “22 hours from now, I will take "Flappy Bird" down, it is not anything related to legal issues” It is believed that he is not enjoying the celebrity status that the games success is bringing to him.

The game is extremely addicted with a simple and easy to use game play. Here at DPC it comes with the catch phrase, “I will just have one more go” which leads to another ten plus turns. It has simple graphics and the controls are simply tap the screen to keep flying and avoid the pipes. The best score reached here is an impressive 79 by Richard.

It’s a shame the game has been pulled we are yet to see if this is a Marketing plot to bring attention to the developers games or if it is to be sold to a gaming company or could this generally be a case of £30,000 a day and fame is all too much for Dong?


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