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Hello Moto X

Moto X
gives you an amazing interaction with its voice control. All you need to say to activate the voice command is “OK Google Now…” Then this opens up the possibilities of calling someone from your phone book, search the web, set an alarm, get directions and much more. With Motorola and Google tied up together it’s no surprise that this new Moto phone comes with the latest Google technology. What we really like about this device with a little training in a quiet area the device learns your voice and then is able to pick up your voice in a crowd.

The design of the Moto X has been really well researched, it has a lovely curved back making it excellent to handle and at 4.7” it has a great sized screen to view your video’s and photos. The screen also has the benefit of corning gorilla glass, adding strength and durability to the handset.

Another nice little touch that the Moto X has when you get a text or email through it pings up on the centre of your screen and to read this you don’t even need to unlock your device simply just touch the Icon in the middle of the handset and your message will appear.

And the handy little tweaks don’t stop there. We have all experienced an occasion where you wish to activate your camera quickly to capture that special moment, with the Moto X this can be achieved through flicking your wrist a few times whilst holding the handset which automatically loads the camera.

We really like this Motorola handset and especially at the price it’s at. Motorola have really thought hard about what will make the handset extremely user friendly and not added technology as gimmicks but added it to improve your mobile experience.

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